Company Update: 3 New Sponsors [Updated]

company updateAs you probably already know the Wiltshire School of Gymnastics relies heavily on sponsorships and grants to stay afloat. We like to highlight all our sponsors with a paragraph on our website to show our appreciation.

The first one is a sponsor in our local area (Salisbury, Wiltshire) it’s the Parker Bullen Law Firm – A team of highly trained solicitors tackling cases in both business law, divorce and tenancy. If you’re in a pickle these are the guys to go to!

The next one is a industry (fitness) specific sponsor, which was split between Ghost-Fitness and PGC both of whom are extremely awesome for sponsoring such a small fitness community and I think its great that they are supporting the community and being charitable to their industry itself.

The final one is: a UK based distributor of garage shelving and racking.

Thanks for reading, that’s all for now.

Flexibility Techniques for Athletes

Flexibility is huge for gymnasts, but its also huge to athletes of all sports. If your mobility is excellent you have so many additional advantages over your competition. Mainly the fact that you can have less time injured and also train harder through a wider range of motion.


That might all sound like some fitness mumbo-jumbo BUT its seriously some of the most important training you can ever do.

Welcome and Hello

Hello and welcome to the Wiltshire School of Gymnastics. If you don’t know us already I will give you a quick run-down although you can find more info on our about page. Over the coming months and hopefully years we will be going this blog into a leader in the fitness industry. Especially for gymnastics and blogging about individuals looking to get started with gym and gymnastics.